How to build a Personal Document Management System (PDMS) and why you need it

My personal experience Evernote I’ve spent many years building a lifelong personal library. A couple of years back, the first time I tried to manage my Ebooks is using Evernote. I saved every single document into Evernote, from diaries to notes, from lecture notes to reference books. However, when my notes number larger than 1000, it is very difficult for me to locate the documents. Finally, I found Evernote really sucks on document management. It may be good for information storage but definitely not for document management. Even the advanced search feature still sucks, and the note size also has limitations. File Explorer Then I came back to the old but effective way, using the File Explorer and making all the documents nested inside the well-structured folder structure. But wait, the problem is still there, once my documents getting more and more, how can I search them in a second?

The ultimate Emacs hacking tutorial in Windows 10 WSL 2

Do you think Emacs’s performance in windows is bad? Do you really want to use a native Speed Emacs in Windows? Do you hate the unnatural path transition between windows convention and Linux convention? Do you feel frustrated when you try to install and configure Emacs in WSL? Do you just want to taste the power of Emacs running in WSL 2? This tutorial may help you :) What is WSL? Earlier on August 2, 2016, Microsoft released Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), enabling the native way to run Linux Tools in Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019. In May 2019, WSL 2 was introduced, by importing the Real Linux Kernel through Hyper-V features (in a Virtual Machine Environment), providing the users with the full & immerse way to work with Linux under windows, with 20 times the read/write performances of WSL 1. For Windows Emacs Users, here are some advantages/disadvantages for you to consider before switching the WSL 2:

Calibredb - Emacs 的电子书管理方案

Calibredb Emacs 的电子书管理方案。 这个包利用 calibredb ,将 calibre 的工作流完美的融入到 Emacs,打造一体化的电子书/文档的管理方案。 下载链接

inherit-org,让非 org buffers 也拥有 org 的阅读体验

什么是 inherit-org? inherit-org 是一个 emacs 的插件(package),也是 shrface 的应用扩展,它能让 shrface 的样式(Faces)扩展到更多的非 org buffers。目前支持以下的 Major Modes。 w3m mode 继承 org faces Minor mode: inherit-org-mode imenu outline-minor-mode org-indent-mode Info mode 继承 org faces helpful mode 继承 org faces Minor mode: inherit-org-mode imenu outline-minor-mode org-indent-mode 其他 Major Modes Function: inherit-org-fontify-buffer 下载链接 截图

shrface,让 eww, mu4e, nov.el 拥有 org 的阅读体验

什么是 shrface? shrface 是一个 emacs 的插件(package),它可以让你在 emacs 里像 org mode 一样浏览网页, 阅读 epub 电子书,看电子邮件,又或者是技术文档。 下载链接 截图


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